Tricia Enfield Photography » Tricia Enfield is Seattle area photographer. She focuses on creating authentic photographs of families, children and couples.

Humans of Wallingford

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It’s so beautiful!

“We are both from China. I came to Seattle to study engineering at UW, and I graduated last year. I work at Microsoft

Talk things through

“I was born in China, and was adopted and came to live in the US. We lived in Seattle, and also in Colorado, while I

Political Science

“I’m studying at UW and working towards my PhD in Political Science. I also have an undergraduate degree in Political


I’m visiting Seattle from my home in Shanghai. I’ll be here for one month to visit my daughter. She is our only child,

Sock Monster

I’ve lived all over, in California, Arizona, and Texas. I came to Seattle because it was a good place to raise kids.

We will always have the 44

“I’ve lived in Wallingford for 61 years. We moved here in 1955, and I went to the grade school that is now Wallingford

Seamonster Lounge

“I lived in Seattle in the 1990s, and then lived all over – in Tokyo, Sydney, and Vancouver BC. I returned to

Kick Ball

“We are at Meridian Park for the 10th annual Fourth of July Kick Ball game. It’s a longstanding tradition.”

Big sister

“I’m five years old, and I’m a big sister. It’s pretty nice being a big sister. Today, we are counting all the cars,

In the real world

“I’m from the South Sound area, Lakewood. I’ve been in Seattle for seven years now. For work, I do public policy and


“I grew up in New York. I lost both my parents before I was 18. But, I was glad that I buried my parents, and they

Assistance League 2

“I’ve been in charge of the Wallingford Assistance League store for five years. And, it’s absolutely wonderful!

Assistance League

“The Assistance League of Seattle has been in Wallingford for more than 50 years. I’ve been volunteering here for six

22 Years

“I’ve been working here at Taco Time for 22 years as of yesterday! I work 15 – 20 hours a week, and I also get Social

Bus Stop

“I’m on my way to Stoup Brewing in Ballard to meet some friends. But, I’ve got to go… here’s my bus!”

Happy Ending

“My story has a happy ending, but it’s been quite a ride along the way. I grew up with my Mom in Magnolia. My Mom was

Open Books

“I’ve owned this poetry book store for 21 years. I’ve been a book store owner in Wallingford for 29 years. I’m retiring

Day Date

“We are having a day date. We went to the Zoo, and now we are going to the Octopus Bar. But we haven’t done anything

Balancing Act

“I’m an actor, and I never imagined we’d be living in Seattle. I grew up in LA, but I did spend a few childhood years

Getting Older

“He’s going to be four in May. It’s a great age because he can communicate so much more. And, you can explain things

At chocolati

“I moved to Seattle from Wisconsin. I’ve always been interested in law enforcement and legal work. At first I thought I


“I’m moving to Phinney Ridge after 25 years in Wallingford. My house is going on the market, and my brain is just

First Fight

“We both went to the UW… 30 years apart! Ha! We met in a bar, but we aren’t going to go into any more details. Let’s


“I moved to Seattle from Massachusetts to go to the UW. I was the coxswain for the UW women’s rowing team for four

Meridian Park II

“A couple of years ago I had a great job. I was making $100 an hour as an IT consultant. My company was bought, and

Meridian Park

“They call me ‘The Ogre’ of Meridian Park because I’ve been living here for nine years. I’m always here, and everyone

Artificial Intelligence

“I’ve lived in Seattle for a long time, and I’m in Fremont now. I like to spend my spare time doing research on

Family Works

“I’ve worked at Family Works for one year. I like working with the people here, and I love the leadership. My boss is

Medical Marijuana

“Finding medical marijuana has been a huge positive for me. I don’t drink or take prescription drugs to control my pain

Up at 5:30

“I’m 27 and I’ve never felt this before. I just want to take care of her. I get up at 5:30 to make her coffee. I take

Lived all over

“We have lived all over the world. Our kids are grown now, and graduating from college. We live here so we can be close


“People ask me why I’m always happy. It’s because life is too short. I’m just happy to be here.”

Does not speak much

His friend says he doesn’t speak much; he gave the OK sign to have his picture taken.

Monday Fun-day

“We all have today off. Let’s call it Monday Fun-day!”

Coffee roasting

“I started roasting coffee with Lighthouse Roasters 18 years ago. We have grown slowly and consistently over the years.


This lovely lady with a coffee and paper had something she wanted to say. But, she couldn’t find the right words in

“I got Pete when he was eight weeks old at the shelter. He is 12 now, and has this large cancer tumor. He’s too old to

“I’m a fifth grade Humanities teacher at Cascadia Elementary. Being a teacher is extremely demanding. But, the daily

Real Change

“I moved to Seattle eight years ago. I visited a few times before I moved to make sure I would like it. I live in a

Laurel has been a Wallingford resident since 1984. She raised 5 boys in Lake Forest Park, and then moved to Wallingford

Joe Petosa’s family has been in the accordion business since 1922. They make their accordions in Italy, and then

Denise has been a metro bus driver for 10 years. She gets an unexpected break because a tree has fallen and blocked the

Mikey, a young man from Duvall, sits in the doorway of his RV. He has been living in the RV for about a year, and now

Hamoudi studied Electrical Engineering in college. He has owned and operated the Baseball Barbershop for 6 months now.

John gets a tattoo from tattoo artist Greg at Slave to the Needle on 45th St in Wallingford.

Danny works on shoe repair at Swanson’s Shoe Repair on 45th. Danny’s grandfather started the business in

Jennifer Shea, founder of Trophy Cupcakes, works on her computer at the Wallingford Center Trophy Cupcakes location.

Marcos (right) and Willian (left) make bagels at Eltana on Stone way. They always give my son son bagel dough to play

Dale is taking a break from his assisted living home to visit his long time home in Wallingford. It looks like he never